· Good lawyer — 5 stars


When I hired Merritt L. Weisinger and Walnut Creek Family Law Center, Inc. as my legal representation, it looked like I might lose primary custody of my kids and that I was getting the short end financially and with our property. He fought for me and was aggressive, and courteous, with the other lawyer. As a result of his game plan and skill, I was able to keep primary custody of our kids and I obtained a fair division of our property and a decent support order. Even the judge commented on how well prepared my case was.

· Great family lawyer — 5 stars


I have a child support case that has been ongoing in the Contra Costa Court for more than five years. I had been using three different attorneys in this case, and the case was really complicated. Merritt is the only one attorney so smart in trying to protect the justice in my case. He is the only one strong enough who told the judge my case is for "child support" in court. I appreciate his work; I would strongly recommend him as a super lawyer.

· A fighter in your corner — 5 stars


After working with two different lawyers who specialized in divorce, the only thing that seemed to get taken care of was my retainer. I found myself feeling like I would never end up divorced. When I was in court, the judge told me that I should just be glad that he's granting the divorce (after two years of trying) and to forget about asking for a financial judgment against my wife just get on with my life was his recommendation. It was just not fair. My attorney sat in the chair next to me telling me that I should just do what the judge was telling me to do. I was not about to do that. I still asked for the financial judgment and got it, much to the surprise of my attorney. My then attorney told me that I should be prepared to go back to court to continue the fight. REALLY?? I decided to fire her instead. After calling several lawyers, I was about to throw my hands in the air and just give up when I called Merritt. I was prepared to answer the same questions that the other attorneys typically asked, but something different happened. Merritt asked me what can I do for you, and then he listened to me. That in itself was something different; the other attorneys ask that question, but stopped me long before I finished telling them my problem. After hearing me out, he told me that he could help. We scheduled an appointment and after meeting with Merritt, I retained him and his team. In short order, Merritt and his team had my divorce back on track and now I'm receiving payments from my ex-wife. I never had to go back to court. If you find yourself looking for a great attorney, I recommend Merritt and his team to you. You couldn't ask for a better team to have in your corner.

· Highly recommended — 5 stars


Mr. Weisinger and his staff are very professional while assisting me with my case. I am very appreciative of their friendly manner of communication and knowledge in explaining and answering my questions.

I would enthusiastically recommend this Family Law Center to any other person who might need an excellent attorney.

· My custody fight — 5 stars


In a very long, nasty fight for custody of my daughter, I was drug through the mud with a variety of lies and false allegations. I tried to represent myself, which turned out to be a dead end. I got legal representation and wound up with a lawyer who strung me along for about a year with not much of a result. Then I met Merritt, and from day one, my case took on a whole new outlook. The truth had started to come out and it wasn't long before I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Long story short, I won my case because of Merritt.

· Hire this lawyer! — 5 stars


Merritt is a bulldog. He defends his clients' interests. He knows the law and how to use it to the best advantage for his clients. I know. I am a client.

· 5 stars

Teri M.

Merritt had represented me against my ex-husband's numerous motions and my ex-husband lost many times because Merritt did a great job representing my case. He is aggressive and smart.

· 5 stars


Merritt L. Weisinger and his office, Walnut Creek Family Law, Inc., are fantastic. I have used their services over the years with my divorce. They are aggressive attorneys and I greatly appreciate their assistance on my case. They got me custody of my kids and helped me with support payments. I cannot thank them enough.

  • Supportive, tough, fair and understanding

· 5 stars


Merritt handled a very difficult situation for my elderly mother regarding her divorce. Merritt was understanding of the situation, was very patient with my mother, knowledgeable of the law and knew how to take of care of the situation utilizing his experience. He was very tough at the appropriate times, but was fair. He was able to work with the opposing counsel to resolve the matter prior to going to court, which resulted in an excellent outcome for my mother and ultimately saved us money. I would recommend Merritt to handle divorce issues.

· 5 stars


I liked Merritt, his staff and his office from the minute that I walked in the door. I immediately picked up on the amount of energy he has put into his practice and the feeling it has. I hired Merritt to draft a prenup agreement and while I had done prior research, he proved very knowledgeable filling in all the answers to all of the questions that I had and he speaks from a position of experience and what he has seen over the years. I will definitely be hiring Merritt again if/when the need arises and would recommend him.

· 5 stars

Vadim K.

I have used Mr. Merritt L. Weisinger, a family law attorney, to represent me in my divorce case. His legal advice is always very comprehensive and based on detailed analysis of all aspects and circumstances in the case. Mr. Weisinger is aggressive and smart, his argumentation is very thorough and convincing, which is definitely a good basis for success. His professionalism and expertise were always essential in moving toward best solutions during my divorce procedures.
I will strongly recommend anyone who needs help with their divorce to contact Mr. Weisinger right away. You will get an honest assessment and have the most competent and caring attorney who will fight for you!!!

· 5 stars

Shawn W.

Merritt is awesome! On top of his knowledge, skills and experience, I liked the feeling his office had from the moment I walked in. You can tell he has invested a lot of time and energy in his staff to where they are his family. I appreciate his candidness and his witty sense of humor. Very easy to find location on S. Main. I will be referring friends and family to his staff if they are ever in need. I will definitely go when needed. Thanks, Merritt!

· 5 stars

Tiffany D.

Divorce, custody battles and all that can ensue is truly one of the hardest things for a family to go through. Merritt at Walnut Creek Family Law, Inc. helped us through a difficult period. Although the court systems are not fast, Merritt was always quick to communicate with us and respond to any of our many questions and concerns. Merritt was upfront and honest with us every step of the way, even when the subject matter was difficult. Merritt did not waste our time, questioned our intentions repeatedly and made us aware of the possible outcomes of each decision. The office was friendly and always communicative with us. We felt and continue to feel that Merritt is a strong lawyer, knowledgeable within his expertise and, most of all, honest. We highly recommend Merritt and Walnut Creek Family Law, Inc.

· 5 stars

Angie L.

It feels weird to be Yelping about divorce attorneys, but hey, reputation is important in the business world, and I am happy to provide my two cents.

Ethan helped me with my divorce, and we are now working with Merritt on a current case (no, I didn't get divorced again, but Yelp isn't a place to air dirty laundry).

Ethan is very patient and very easy to talk to. We were able to finalize my divorce as quickly and as painlessly as possible. He also helped me with a "stalking" incident and was able to get that taken care of very quickly. He was also able to help my friend who was going through the same and was scared and confused. He took care of her and she had nothing but great things to say I am not speaking on her behalf, just sharing comments made to me. After their first meeting, she thanked me profusely for referring Ethan.

We are currently working with Merritt. While Ethan is super soft-spoken, Merritt is straightforward, tough and very blunt, which honestly fits our personalities better and is perfect for our current case. Even though the case isn't done yet, so far we are pleased with how Merritt is handling it. We have no doubt that this will be over soon with his help. Also, the guy is hella funny. He always manages to make me laugh. He seriously makes you forget that you are in this awful situation.

Not that I am wishing you will, but if you ever find yourself in a position of needing a divorce attorney, I would not hesitate recommending either Ethan or Merritt.

Honestly, I am surprised by some of the complaints about getting charged. Uh, lawyers are expensive and you can't expect to get legal representation for free. May want to look into lawyers who are willing to take pro-bono cases if you're not willing to pay for it.