Seasoned Legal Counsel For False Allegations

False allegations are sometimes an unfortunate reality of high-conflict family law cases. An ex-spouse may claim that you committed child or spousal abuse to damage your credibility and gain an edge in court proceedings. Any falsehood involving children, abuse or molestation is serious and you should contact Walnut Creek Family Law Center, Inc. if this happens.

A false allegation can damage your name in the courts and cause severe repercussions in your family law case. A claim of child molestation or spousal abuse can cause you to lose access to your children and force you to take court-appointed classes and may lead to criminal charges. If you are facing false allegations, call our law firm immediately. We will manage all communications with the accusing party and work to clear your name in the courts.

A Capable Attorney Who Can Clear Up Courtroom Fabrications

Our lawyer has represented false allegation claims for over 43 years. Attorney Merritt L. Weisinger is an assertive attorney with a long record of stopping falsehoods before they can hurt his clients' chances in the courts and put them on the defensive in high-conflict family law cases. Other law firms refer their combative cases to our office because of our reputation for resolving them. For more than 20 years, Mr. Weisinger has been a Family Law Specialist Certified by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California.

We will take all necessary legal actions to safeguard your reputation and will immediately begin investigating the accusation. Our law firm will guide your case and work with you to create a straightforward plan to fight the false allegations and get you the legal protection you deserve.

We understand that a false allegation case is one of the most difficult and harrowing legal challenges that a person has to overcome. Our law firm will dedicate all of our legal resources to investigating your claim and clearing your name. Mr. Weisinger will take accusers to task and fight for you in the courtroom.

Do Not Let An Ex-Spouse Defame Your Reputation; Call Us Now

A falsehood lobbed by an ex-spouse can carry weight in the courtroom and you may feel a need to fight the claim yourself. We highly recommend that you call our office, which has a long history of helping clients overcome these claims. To speak with a law firm that can help you with your case, call 925-930-7000 or send us an email.